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I noticed recently a bit of questions, concerns and rumors floating around about ZFX, it's uses what it does and what it does not do.

A little background about me-
I am a painter by trade (for the military).
There are additives for paint that will do different things, add gloss, make the paint dry faster, make the paint harder and more durable, so I think I have a basic knowledge of the idea behind ZFX.

I have spoke to Sal on many occasions about the polishes and ZFX (Sal is also a custom high end painter with tons of knowledge about not only his polishes, but the complete paint system) and I have learned a lot from him over the last several years. Anyhow, this is a basic "course" of the ZFX system

ZFX is a very important part of the Zaino system.
It is a special crosslinking, catalyzing additive for the Zaino polishs.

ZFX accelerator additive should be used at least twice a year. Also, it is best to reapply ZFX additive after every ten coats of Zaino polish(Z-2 Or Z-5 or both).
ZFX will never remove Zaino (it adds to it). It will tighten up and strengthen the polish system and increase the gloss.

ZFX is an incredible product and I found the more often you use it the better your paint will look. I use it all the time..., but it's up to you if you want to use it, however, you will have better results, shine and durability.

Below are just a few of the improvements....

1. When mixed as per directions, you will not need to apply Z-1, making application faster and less work.

2. It will reduce the drying time, thus making the polish more
user friendly even in damp or humid environments..., I live in Alabama and the humidity stays around 90%!!!
There are a LOT of products that are hard to work with in this climate, but the ZFX makes it a breeze:)

3. It will increase the gloss factor and extend the durability

4. It will have an instant cure time, so you can immediately apply multiple coats..., No more waiting between coats.

5. It works "with" the Zaino polishes and is compatable with Z-3, Z-5, Z-2 and ZPRO..., making a complete "system", similar to a paint system, each componant in the paint adding to the other to produce an incredible shine, gloss, protection against the elements, including fade from UV rays and long lived durability.

(have you noticed with the increase in technology, paint systems are easier to use, have better durability and fade resistant..., this is all based on the same principal)

This information is based on my experience as a painter, as a detailer, testing products as well as with conversations with Sal Zaino.

This is all to the best of my knowledge of the product and just wanted to help share some information of the product.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Sal Zaino..., he is the real expert on this and would of course be able to answer questions better than anyone:)

(I also posted this on another forum..., just trying to help out and keep us all informed of the new technologies:)

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ive used Z2 for over a year and now Z2 Pro. what ive noticed is that on the old Z2, it as much more of a liquid consistency when applying and using ZFX was very important to get it to dry quickly or i would be sitting around for extra time doing the finger check.

now with Z2 pro i find that this stuff seems to dry a LOT faster. in fact, if i use only a few drops (3) per full container, this stuff will be thick and almost drying coming out of the nozzle. this was in 50 degree weather and about 60% humidity.

so with that said, i still like the new pro better as it is easier to tell where you are applying it and even though it seems to dry as you apply, it doesnt smear unles you go over the same spot a bunch of times (thats how fast it was dryin on my about 20 or 30 seconds). also it hazes more like wax to see when its dry and the biggest thing for comes off 10 times easier IMO.

its definately a different (better) beast than the old Z2. i just need to figure out how much ZFX to add now.
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