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Thanks everyone for the help the past few weeks in trying to figure out which route to go on satellite radio. In the end, I had XM installed about a week ago and I've had no problems at all. Despite living in the land of trees (northern Ohio), I don't seem to lose reception anywhere except in my garage. The 10 character limit is slightly annoying, especially when it looks like so much more could fit, but not a big deal. I had been holding off on XM the past year waiting for when I purchased a new vehicle so I could have it built-in. I'm sure Sirius would have been fine, also.

I'll have to post a picture of the antenna install when I get a chance. Seems like a strange location, off to the side and a little forward on the roof. I'm used to seeing it centered all the way in the back on other vehicles. I dunno, but it doesn't really seem visible at all where they put it. I guess it helps that I have Black and the Black roof rails.

Happy with XM, extremely happy with the FX.
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