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Hi ladies and gentlemen,

I just found this site a couple days ago and am amazed at the wealth of information posted here. I just bought my 04 FX DG/Willow Sport/Tech last week and although still a bit bummed that i couldn't work something out with the dealer to take a tech FX off his hands, am still ecstatic over my Sport/Tech.

After browsing this section i came across a very interesting post by ShadyJC:

about installing some aux inputs into the car and running his ipod through SAT mode. What i want to do is run an XBOX to a pair of Sunvisor Monitors while utilizing his aux input idea to get the sound through my speakers via the SAT button. I was wondering if it was possible to use this method to get the aux for sound and if i can directly hook the video up to the sunvisor monitors. I believe they have video input built in but im not sure (Im not much of a car audio/video guy so please be patient with me). If i can't directly hook the video up to the monitors, can someone advise as to how to accomplish this. I am interested in this hookup because 1)very Cost effective 2) wont be ripping the car up too much and 3) rather simple to accomplish (after reading ShadyJC's post a couple times, i think i might be able to pull this off). Anyways any input would be greatly appreciated!!
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