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winter mats

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Has anyone gotten the all seasonw inter mats? Wondering if I should go with those or get some aftermarket ones. I guess this question only goes out to those that have snow.. !

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i know UJMOT has a set......

wait, no snow here........



((i think the weathertech ones look good in their ads at least))
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I love the OEM ones. They serve their purpose just fine and I like that they have the Infiniti logo on them (unlike our crappy mats :roll: ). They are exactly the same size as the OEM carpet mats. Not sure about the weather tech ones but I've read great reviews on them also.
Ditto on the OEM all-season mats. Fit nicely, thick and look good. I made sure they threw in a set of them on my 04 purchase because I liked them so much.
yep, I think they only come in two colors-Willow, Graphite.
i have had the weathertech (wt) mats for previous cars and i now have the infiniti all-season mats (as) for my fx.

the wt mats are made of a very high quality rubber, have nice deep grooves, very good grip even when wet and stay more pliable even in very cold weather.
the as mats are a perfect fit for our fxs BUT because of the contour of the passengers side floor, a good size portion of it remains uncovered (the raised part on the left side by the seat).

i do not know the exact "cut" of the wt mats for the fx but because the rubber is more pliable they may be able to provide more coverage.

also, the as mats tend to get slick when they get wet.

i did not buy the wt mats because their black mats have a red trim which i did not want in my brick interior. and i got a decent deal on the as mats from grubbs.

otherwise i believe the weathertech mats are of better quality materials and design because of the deeper grooves.
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Just a note I am a real Weather Tech fan from past history but got the ones from Infiniti as I bought my fx and they really are doing a good job and in Michigan we have had nothing but snow since I got mine.
Ditto here, I have the willow mats in mine and I have a set of the OEM's in my wife's Altima and they work very well. Looking forward to the end of the snow to go back to carpet.
I like the OEM rubber mats... not much mud here in NM, but it sure is dusty. 8) I got 'em from Grubbs last summer after cleaning the front carpet three times in a month and I've just left them in. Maybe I'll take them out if I'm going to a prom or something :roll: (joke).
If you've got the brick interior Autozone (and everyone else, I'd imagine) sells thick, ribbed winter SUV mats in clear rubber- that way, you can still see the brick interior's color and save your mats in the process.
My dealer threw in a set crap rubber mats when i picked up my

.... and later I found them at Costco too... :roll:

How much are the OEM rubber mats?
Everyone I work with who has a decent (expensive) car recommends the all-season mats as an interior saver during the winter season. I have the blk/brick interior, so I was hoping there was a brick-ish option for the rubber mats. No such luck, and I'm not a clear mat kind of guy (although a creative idea), so I got the Infiniti graphite-color mats (approx $80, I think).

I just laid them over the regular ones, and made sure they were anchored by the little button sticking up in front of the driver's seat. I instantly took a liking to them, and think the black color is pretty decent. I feel much better about walking across a sand, dirt or gravel area and just getting right in without feeling like I have to brush off my shoes, or wipe off snow.
Cool! I was comtemplating getting them but I live in sunny Cali and really don't need to worry about snow and muck.
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