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Wheels gallery

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Most photos are scattered between the pictures and wheels forums. This is a work in progress so work with me, if your FX is in here and you don't like the photo or the angle pm with a link to another photo to use. It took a while to collect and name these so be gentle if some are not exact.

If I forgot your FX please let me know, send me a link. :D

Ace mesh silver black

Ace mesh silver brilliant silver

ADR Sterling chrome black

Antera 341 black black

Antera 341 silver berylium

Antera 361 black black

Avus 501 colormatch diamond graphite

Avus 901 chrome brilliant silver

Axis Mulliner machined black

Axis Mulliner machined diamond graphite

Axis Orden black black

Axis Orden black black

Axis Orden black diamond graphite

Axis Orden black diamond graphite

Axis Vip black diamond graphite

Black Rhino Burst chrome diamond graphite

Breyton magic silver black

Dforged DF1 gunmetal brilliant silver

Diablo Deltaforce black berylium

Diablo Deltaforce black black

Diablo Deltaforce black black

Dropstars DS02 chrome black

Dropstars DS03 chrome brilliant silver

Dub Condo chrome black

Dub Dirtydog black black

Dvinci Blade chrome diamond graphite

Dvinci Pasha chrome brilliant silver

Dvinici Volore chrome saphire

Enkei black black

EXE Konkave machined black

Fusion Onyx black colormatch laser red

Genx Fusion chrome black

Gianelle V5 black black

Gianelle V5 black briliant silver

Giovanna Lido chrome black

Giovanna Lido chrome brilliant silver

Helo Tease chrome black

HRE 640R chrome black

HRE 648R black diamond graphite

iForged Aero polish black

iForged Aero polish diamond graphite

iForged Classic 2 brushed diamond graphite

iForged Daytona anthracite pearl white

iForged Essen silver diamond graphite

iForged Sprint polish brilliant silver

iForged Trial polish black

Koenig Unknown machined black

Lexani chrome brilliant silver

Lexani Onyx chrome diamond graphite

Lowenhart BR5 silver black

Lowenhart LD5 colormatch diamond graphite

Luff M1 gold black

Luff S3T black black

Marqi MQ18 chrome black

Momo FXl colormatch brilliant silver

NAD Nad4 black brilliant silver (not really a nad wheel but cloest I could come up with.

OZ Canyon silver black

OZ Hydra silver diamond graphite

Symbolic XR14 black black

Symbolic XR14 chrome black

Symbolic XR14 chrome black

Symbolic XR14 chrome brilliant silver

TIS 02 chrome brilliant silver

TIS 03 chrome brilliant silver

TIS 06 chrome black

TIS 07 chrome ivory pearl

TIS 07 chrome saphire

TSW Bavaria chrome black

TSW Carlton chrome berylium

TSW Carlton gunmetal black

TSW Carlton gunmetal brilliant silver

TSW Montage silver diamond graphite

TSW Zandvoort silver laser red

Vogue Blackruss black brilliant silver

Work 911 love chrome saphire

Zenetti ellipse black chrome saphire

Zinik Brescia chrome pearl white

Zinik Sabini black black

Zyoxx ZX7 black black

Some loose ones I don't know

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Re: Re: Wheels gallery

Mparco77 said:
As promised: washed, waxed, and lookin' all pretty! :hello1: :hello1:

Now the next question. How do I get the swirl marks out? I got most of them out with a cleaner wax, but any suggestions to make it really 'pop'? Black looks sexy, but is miserable to keep shiny.
I fee your pain! :) I use Turtlewax Black Box with the detailer once a week (sometimes more).

I like Mothers & Meguires (sp?) also with good results. Black IS a great color, but high maintenance.

Via Tapatalk
Let's try it again! Looks like it wasn't named '.jpg', so it wouldn't post. ::?
Whatever, here is the photo I've been promising. Hope you like. The drop, spacers, and carbon fiber to come in the near future.


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oooohhhhh, I like those Vossens.
Sweet, for my liquid platinum...


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Yerbol said:
Vossen CV1 22x10.5 all around on my 2011 FX50s
Beautiful rims and nice Aero kit! Love the black and polished look on your black FX!
stock look best with the FX. Just my Opinion....
but awesome post.
Im running 22x10.5, -3 offset with 285/35/22 all around.

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I want mine to sit just like that...what are you using FX4five??
2006 that needs some coilovers and want to take off the roof rack..


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GTR staggered


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The fender gap is way too large though, in my humble opinion.
Forgeline GA1R open lugs 20”x12” with 295/45/20 Toyo Proxies ST

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