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We were down :-(

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Hope nobody noticed but we (meaing my server) locked up. I've been having problems with this server (worst one I've ever built btw). I think it's the motherboard.

I've never used a Soyo board before and probably never again. Going to be looking to put a new MB in it.

It's *been* locking up about ever 15 days unless I reboot it, however today it locked up after only a few days <sigh> sorry if anyone saw/felt the downtime
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well I'm trying to "bandaid" it by rebooting the box fairly often, however this is gay because my last server could stay up as long as it had power (and about 30 minutes after thanks to my UPS) but this one is different.

i'm probably going to just build a new one from scratch and copy over this stuff and swap them out.
Obviously I'm having some sort of hardware problem. I am going to work to fix it as soon as possible.

In the mean time, I've setup a cron job to reboot the server every morning at 4am. Hopefully this will get me through until I can fix this **** problem.

Sorry guys...
I'm not sure that's exactly the kind of advertising we would want though
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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