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Water leak

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Hey found a puddle of water on the passenger side underneath the glove box... do anyone know where that could be coming from ??
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It is either from the sunroof drain, or the cowl seal at the bottom of the windshield.
The cow seal ? And also the two blind spots get really soaked as well
I assume by "blind spots" you mean the "A" pillars. If those are getting wet, then you may have a windshield gasket leak. Was the windshield recently replaced?

The cowl is the plastic piece that sits over the bottom of the windshield. There is a small foam seal between the cowl and the windshield to deflect water. It often dries out.
I’m not sure. I recently purchased the vehicle. But you have a pic of how it looks? I want to inspect it. This didn’t start happening until I popped my hood open
I can't give you a pic since the seal is hidden under the plastic pieces a the bottom of the windshield. If you remove the plastic cowl, it will likely damage the seal since it is just a foam rope seal. It is #7 in the link below.

Wow thanks. I guess option to fix is to replace it or use foam ?
That seal could be a problem, but if you are also getting water at the A pillars then you probably have a problem with the windshield seal. Or possibly the sunroof drains.
Where the sunroof drains located ?
Open the sunroof, look for holes in the channel. Jam a clothes hanger or wire into the holes as far as you can. Then pour water into the channel to verify it will drain. Look under the car to verify water drains to the ground. Usually works.
Okay sounds good and what about the cowl seal ? Where does that drain?
Okay sounds good and what about the cowl seal ? Where does that drain?
To the ground I'm sure. I'd worry about the sunroof drains first.
The sunroof seal is merely a dust cover, it doesn't seal out water. Water penetrates and fills the channel then drains down to the ground. This water flow brings dirt with it and the dirt clogs the drain openings. Usually a punch from a wire will break it up easily opening the drain fully.
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ok. I’ll go check that now. Thank you
I poured water on the windshield and I seen it drain to the bottom. So it must be the sunroof then
Looking under the car won’t tell you anything. You need to remove the glovebox and side kick plate, then look inside while someone pours water on the windshield and then the sunroof. The cowl seals doesn’t drain anything, it just stops water from getting inside the car.
Ok so just watch where it goes with the glove box removed ? And pour on the sunroof and windshield?
Hey found a puddle of water on the passenger side underneath the glove box... do anyone know where that could be coming from ??

99.9% sure you have clogged sunroof drains. See my post here from several years ago:

How can I get something in there to clean it out from the pillars ? Is it a air blower or something?
I had same Problem. Mine was the Sunroof drains were clolged. Don't shove anything hard into the drain plugs of the Sunroof, as you may disconnect the hose drain that is attached to the Sunroof, then you will have a bigger leak and have to take off the sun visor and those handles above the driver's side and passenger side so you can reattach the sun roof drain hose. So do not use force when using a hangar, You can use something softer and flexible like the oil dip stick.

Open the Sunroof top. Stand up facing the front of your vehicle. To the left and right of the Sunroof channel, they are two tiny holes. If you don't see the holes, they are most likely blocked, try celaing out the corners of the Sunroof track with some wet bounty's, then find the holes with fingers or something like a pencil. After You shove a flexible object down the holes nice and easy, pour some water and vinegar 25% vinegar 75% water down the drains. If it's unclogging the water and vinegar will channel down to the bottom of the car where the fender and door meet under the car and or you will smell it when it comes down the drain/s Do this every year, wether you think you need it or not, trust me, you will save yourself a headache of a soaked, stinky, smelly mildew FX :eek:/

You just reminded me. I have to clean out my sunroof drains ?

Let me know how it goes. Hope this helps you out some.
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