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pre-made replacement headrests for the FX!!

((no idea if they are still 'active'))


looks neat, imo (albeit possibly overkill)

Headrests feature:

100% OEM match fabric/leather/lacing
No cutting—ever
Flush mount monitor—no obtrusive bezel
Tubular chrome posts hides wires
7.0’’ wide screen
3-tilt headrest positioning provides driver comfort and easier viewing
Super Hi-Bright picture—400 NIT. Enhanced color, contrast and great jewel tones. The brightest screen in the industry.
Single distribution box - One box handles 2 screens and eliminates unnecessary Y cables.
2 inputs, 4 outputs for video sourcing - Includes 1 slave output for each video input - allows you to run additional screens
Onboard Video amplification - eliminates need for video amplifier
Unified Remote Control - one remote does it all - controls VizuaLogic® DVD and all screen functions (A/V selection and screen picture adjustment)
Built-in monitor IR repeater - can control any DVD through screen - eliminates need for remote IR repeater
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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