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Good day gentleman

I have Qx70s 2014 and Recently I have noticed grinding sound coming from rear tires. So I went yesterday to a local mechanic to check it out and found that brake pads are gone and starting to grind th rotors.

So he got new pads and got rotors re machined and installed and hand brake re tensioned.

After after 2 hours I drove it in the high way and I felt there is something wrong, it feels like there is something holding it and woom sound and vibration. Then i stopped for one hour and drove it again and it felt normal.

This morning drove it for 3 miles a way from home going to my work and it happens again and felt wors than before.

So I stopped my car in
my company bus station which is just 5 miles from home. And went to work by company bus.

I don't know what happened. All my maintenance was with the dealer but this time I didn't have much time to drop the car there so I went to a local mechanic (one of my friends) and I dont have a spare car to drive.
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