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Hey guys, it's hard letting this go but there's alternate plans in the making and I am going to part with this beautiful stainless steel exhaust system.

I'm sure many of you have heard all the hype so I need not say more.

This is the new version that comes with the slip-joints on the Y pipe opposed to the old flex hose that had many issues including rusting and cracking.

Full stainless steel system including the cast stainless steel flanges. TIG welded and polished.

Comes with all the hardware(nuts, bolts, gaskets) required to mount including stainless steel rolled tips and clamps. You also get two nice metallic "Invidia" stickers in either chrome or gold.

This was purchased directly from the distributor mid June of this year so it carries a warranty to which I will give you the original invoice.

Never got around to installing it until the end of June and even then, I ended up driving with it for 2-3 days before I had to go on a few business trips.

I paid a bit over $1100 Canadian including taxes which was the best deal I could find from all the places I called.

I'm listing it at $875 but am open to reasonable offers. After all, this system is practically new as you can see from all the photos.

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