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This thing looks promising…

no affiliation what so ever. :D
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the link doesnt work
I've installed it in my car. It is extremly recommended gadget.
My kids love it so much..

I bought it through

no affiliation
1 post and "no affiliation" haha. It's ok, just admit it so you can answer our questions 8)

what are the dimensions?
122.5 x 171.8 x 68.5mm

I'm using home version but can use it at car using DC-AC adapter.
They are selling car/home support version. C-3000U

Just differences are power mechanism.
M-3000U include power unit inside. C-3000U is using DC adapter and support direct input from cigar jack.

Also they are providing small remote controller & IR extender.

I'm thinking about purchasing C-3000U for my car.
How do you think?
4.8 X 6.8 X 2.7 inches is pretty tiny wow.

What about bluetooth integration?

Any pics of the interface?
According to the FAQ, bluetooth integration is not supported and probably wont be in the near future. The problem with bluetooth is that you can't get good autio quality from it because of the bandwidth. It's great for transferring small packets of data at very slow speed and for voice conversations like cell phones. But it doesn't hold up for audio.
What do you mean, I only want it to talk on the fone, there is software out there with support such as

Lots of carpcs have it and Acuras have it built in, so I don't see why it's too much fo ask for when purchasing a custom carputer.
Oh, you want to talk on your cell phone though this device via bluetooth? For that application, I can see you'd want that. However, it's not TViX's intention for it to be a caputer nor a cell phone relay. My comments in the last msg was posted because I thought you want to run the multimedia through bluetooth to your car stereo. In the latter case, the audio quality would suck big time.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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