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Tried to install the crossbars today.... ran into a problem

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Ugh. Well it was above freezing today and sunny, so I decided to put my crossbars on finally. I took out the plugs on the rails then proceeded to bolt in the mounting brackets for the front bar. So far so good. Then I mounted the front bar and attempted to bolt it in. The left side went on fine but half way through bolting in the right hand side, the bolt was turning but wasnt actually screwing in! The front bracket has three bolt holes: Two to bolt on to the rails and a deep threaded socket for the bolt to screw in from the crossbar. Well the morons that designed this thing didnt make the socket as one piece with the rest of the bracket. What had happened was that the socket came loose from the bracket and was turning WITH the bolt!! :shock: This has got to be the most idiotic design ever.... so even as I tried to unscrew the bolt off the bracket, since the socket itself was loose, it was turning WITH the bolt. I spent a good half hour trying to pry it loose from the socket..... :roll:

OY! The whole thing's completely useless now.... I have to go get a replacement bracket...


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thought of something..

this is OEM equipment.......

it has failed..... (after having been installed before as well)

if YOU install the part, you ONLY have a 12 mo. warranty on it (free from defect of workmanship)

if the DEALER installs said part, it is warrantied for the full term of the car warranty...

IMO, you at least have a 12 mo. warranty against defect..

take it to em...

or should i take it to mine...??
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Thanks Scott. I will take it to my dealership and ask them to replace that piece as it should be considered a defect. :roll:
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