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Installed Z-tube and Pop charger over weekend, with a variation of Sincity's extention. Thanks to Jason at Performance Nissan for excellent guide, Ak1nxa for some of the hardware, and Sincity & related threads for fitting & size measurements.

Some questions:
There is now an unused tube/port coming up from the bottom of the car- looks like it used to feed air from street into one of the many ducts that I took out. Normal?

The popcharger heat shield's clamp had a hard time finding a place to fit- only a little teeny edge to grab on to. Any worries about it slipping off? Any solutions if its a problem? I ended up putting a layer of double sided duct tape on the body where the clamp grabs. Seems ok for now...

What the heck is the purpose of all the chambers in all the stuff I just took off? Why would infinity go to the trouble of making all the molded chambers, ports, etc, if they could just use a single tube?

My rubber stipping on the inside of the hood no longer comes close to matching the stripping on the popcharger- am I going to get a lot of water on the filter? Any problems along this line?

Thanks again! This site made my first mod possible. Of course, it also gave me the cahones to try another mod that didn't work out so well... :( (See my post in "internal & external")
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