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Took my FX in for warranty repairs

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I took my FX back to the dealer for some warranty repairs. My wife noticed that the paint on the rear driver side door had swirls in it when you look at it at a certain angle. Also one of the seat belts was trapped in between the rear seats compressing the leather and making a permanet seatbelt indentation on the seat. This Friday will make it 2 weeks that they had it.

I'm starting to have all these strange thoughts go through my head about the condition it's going to be in when I get it back.
:arrow: I have less then 500 miles on the OD and keep imagining seeing several thousands on there.
:arrow: The paint on the door won't match the rest of the car.
:arrow: The seat is gong to look worse than before or they did a crappy job re-installing it.
:arrow: It's going to come back with door dings.

Maybe I'm just paranoid? Unfortunately I don't have too much confidence because they keep pushing the date back farther and they don't call when they say they will.

Oh well, I'll just wait and see. :(
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2 weeks seems like a long time for these repairs.
2 weeks? Well I wouldnt worry so much, but it is a very long time to keep you from your car... I'd call and bug them to expedite it.
refresh me........

what was the big concern that prompted the service??

also, ALL the tsb's will be done as well (when you check-in the car, their online setup automatically flags any requisite tsb's, bulletins, etc..)

make sure to ask about them, or at least review your R/O thoroughly....
The long wait and the inconsistency of what they say is what prompted the concern. For example this is what I had to deal with; before I took it in they said that they will call me the following Monday to let me know if the paint and set were covered under warranty. I get a call on Tuesday to to let me know that the service manager will look into it. Did i miss something here? Apparently they called to let me know that they know nothing yet.

Also after I took it in, they told me that their paint guy is scheduled to be there the same day to look at it and fix it. And the leather guy will be fixing the seat at the same time. They tell me it should be done by the end of the day. I tell them "wow that fast?" and they assured me it would be done. The end of the day came and no call. I leave a msg and still no call. I call the following day and leave a msg and still no call. I finally get a call 3 days later and there seems to be a part mix up in their computer and won;t have the parts for the seats until the following week. Ok, then I ask about the paint , they said that he hadn't looked at it yet. Excuse me?!

Are my expectations too high? I work in a service related industry and I know about customer service and setting expectations. If it is going to take that long, then tell me. I hate guessing and having to check up all the time.

Rant over.

And yes they did take care of the TSB's.
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You should call the owner/manager of the dealership. Keeping a car that long and misleading you about the time frame is unacceptable.
i HOPE you have a loaner........


ps- that is POOR C.S. and you need to talk to their GM or the like........

enough already!
Is very hard to find a good and reliable dealer!!!

:( :(
esemes said:
i HOPE you have a loaner........
Yup. They gave me a G35 sedan. I'm starting to get attached to it! :lol: It's smallish inside but handles well and is pretty quick. My wife likes it too so I hope she doesn't have second thoughts about the FX. I'm sure when we get the FX back she'll foget about it. Although she asked me the other day: "How much is a G35 coupe?" :D
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