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I really like my new to me 2004 FX45, but where I live we have lots of bumps in the road. So I was getting tired of fighting the road... and on top of that I could not believe Infiniti sold this car with such a tight suspension in the first place. So after doing my research I decide to do a little experimenting on my own and this is this letter I sent to one company in the business of selling steering rack bushings.

My hope is that they will create a new kit for us FX-Gen1 owners, but the principles of how to return your FX ride to "like new" should apply to all models.

How far you decide to go is up to you, but the it's not very expensive to start with front sway bar bushings and links, and to replace your steering rack bushings. ...And don't let anyone tell you that you need to remove the steering rack to replace the bushings. This is not so.

Hi Ellison,

My 2004 Infinity FX45 (same as FX35) Steering Rack bushings are different than what you recommend on your website. I'm guessing this is because the 2003 & 2004 FX models have 4 bushings vs. the "FXSteeringFix" Kit you sell, which is based on the Nissan 350Z steering rack, only has 3. So IMO, you should correct this error and create a new kit for us FX-Gen1 owners. And here's what needs to be in this kit:

* 2 large bushings... like the one's you now include from Energy Suspension Part#7.10105R (...And then remove the single split bushing which does not go to the steering rack on my car, and replace it with 2 small bushing as described below.
Energy Suspension Steering Rack Bushing Kit -Infiniti (FX35 / FX45)

2-small steering rack bushings #BS2227
Rack & Pinion Bushing Kit for Infiniti FX35 FX45 2003-2008 (4pcs) | eBay

ID: 0.480”
OD: 1.072”
OAH: 0.868”

Then you can advertise a "FX-Gen1" Steering Rack Bushing Kit on the Infiniti Form website to fix "wheel bounce." ...And I bet every Gen-1 FX owner will buy this kit; and they don't know they can easily convert their "stiff FX ride" to a more comfortable ride just by changing their steering bushings and front sway bar bushings and links. ...And then if they want more improvement they can replace their rear shocks and sway bar links as described below.

Today I used a combination of suspension parts to return my 2004 FX45 rides "like new." And here's what I replaced:


1) 2 Sway bar bushings. (Moog Part#1547)

2) 2 Sway bar links (Moog K201555)

3) 4 steering rack bushings as described above.

4a) 2 tie rod ends (Moog #ES800428 & #ES8700429)

4b) Optional to replace inner tie rods (Mevotech #EV800302)

5) 2 control arms with new bushings (left & right) (Order on Amazon for $172 + shipping for both L&R) AutoShack CAK934PR Pair of 2 Front Lower Suspension Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly with Bushing Replacement for 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Infiniti FX35 FX45 3.5L 4.5L : Automotive

6) Tighten steering rack adjustment screw 1/8" - 3/16" (This helps to reduce the play in the steering wheel)


1) 2 Sway bar bushings (Moog Part#1555)

2) 2 Sway bar links (Moog Part#K750248 and #K750249)

and links. (Note Links need to be ordered left and right.)

2) 2 rear shocks

3) 2 MasterPro Strut Mount Kit Part # FM1929

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. And I think if you can come up with "FX-Gen1" Steering Fix kit then you will be helping a lot of other owners.


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Just wanted to add... Your steering rack and pinion has an adjustment nut, right next to the 2 large bushings. So, if your steering wheel has any "slop" in it, then maybe putting a slight 3-degree turn to the right will take some of the slop out. Anyway, it's worth a try before you replace your inner and out tie rods.

Note: After I adjusted my steering rack nut, I noticed a slight "whine" that sounded just like the whine/squeal you might get from brake pad wear indicators coming in contact with the rotors; only this noise was only there from 5 MPH to ~15MPH and then it would go away. ==> The solution is to turn off the engine... and then you can suck some power steering pump fluid out of your reservoir and replacing it with 1/2 bottle of Lucas PS Fluid with conditioners. (And I would use Lucas PS Fix if you now you have some PS leaks, which is not the same as the grime you will find around all Infiniti steering racks around that rack & pinion adjustment nut.) ==> Next start the engine for 15 seconds. Turn off the engine. And repeat this procedure to put the other half of the Lucas 12 oz bottle into the steering pump reservoir.

I'm guessing most people have never changed their PS fluid so adding some Lucas PS conditioners or "fix" is probably a good idea anyway!
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