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They are here, but they aren't queer

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Didn't they say this last holiday, too? Lather, rinse, repeat. The Homeland Security folks have to justify that huge budget (not to mention their Constitution-gutting tactics, "for our protection", of course :roll:)

****, remember when the mall up the street from my house was gonna be attacked in what turned out to be a hoax a couple of weeks ago? It was hella easy to get a seat at the Starbucks, though!
I genuinely hope nothig bad happens to anyone anywhere anymore...tired of it....but this did seems like a repeat and the P timing interesting!!
I feel for that guy in WASH/Oreg on the absolute fingerprint match...his life/career is F
If we were better at this there would be less cynisim(sp)
Department Of Homeboy Security, huh ? Talk about dog and pony show :roll: . BTW, who came up with the brilliant idea to color-code the levels of threat, Isaac Mizrahi ? You have 800K illegals coming here each year, and these are the ones who settle down. How many thousands simply come and go is anyone's guess. So if Usama wanted to smuggle across a caravan of camels packed with C4s I don't think he would've needed to sweat much given such obscene levels of border non-enforcement. Meantime, the feds go ahead and hire Rashid Al-Kaboom to work at-you guessed it-security gate of your local airport. Where he'll be asking a 76 year old catholic nun of Korean extraction whether she packed the bags herself. No, Rashid. She actually had Ayman Al-Zawahiri staying over who insisted on packing the bags for the ol' lady.
brnjugfx45 said:
If we were better at this there would be less cynisim(sp)
cynicism (s[i^]n"[i^]*s[i^]z'm), n -- see above post.

:lol: :lol: :lol:
particlefx said:
OK, I tried to parse that as a UNIX-style Regular Expression, and my brain shorted out! (Don't worry if you don't get the joke, it's overflowing with g--k humor!)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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