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I've searched and read a lot about Synthetics and leaks. Has anyone actually had a leak in the FX? I used synthetics (mobil one) in a rebuilt jeep engine that seems to weep out of every seal. Not enough to drip but enough on the engine that you would notice it. But every time I checked the oil up to 4000 miles it looked brand new. Considering it was putting out 400hp and used mostly off road I was impressed.

I came across a few points in my research that were not discussed here before. Well, that I can find doing a search.

In my opinion Synthetics are the way to go. Mobil one is good but only the 15,000 mile extended service oil is 100% synthetic. The 5000 and 7500 are blends.

I intend to use Amsoil oil and filters as they have the most published data I can find. I'll change it and a filter every 7500 miles.

Amsoil actually recommends 25,000 mile oil changes with a amsoil filter change every 7500 miles or 6 months wichever comes first. They have been doing this for years.The key to extended oil changes is changing the filters. No filter will last that entire time. Has anyone investigated a remote dual bypass filter set up? These are available for most trucks and there are plenty of universal kits out there. They are capable of filtering down under 2 microns in size and since most engines have running tolerance's of 5-7 microns in theory this would eliminate wear.

Has anyone looked into a drain plug with a valve to eliminate changing the crush washer everytime?
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