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Stock 480HP station wagon from mad Germans

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Sorry, the article-as George Bush would put it-is in Hollandish language.
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For grins I plugged this into the Hollandish to English translator on It's far from perfect, but you get the idea... sort of... I think there's one sentence that translated into English competely.

Because the new Audi A6 there are RS6 from production it will be also taken. The already badly bedeelde ' standard ' RS6 with 450 pk has been still further developed. RS6 the plus provides 30 pk more and comes with that on 480 pk(!). Moreover the limited top speed has been raised of 250 to 280 km/h. You obtain the begrenzer eraf then must you moreover 300 the km/h border are able break through. Beside this technical violence is RS6 the plus also provide with a number of special options. This way he stands on 19 lichtmetalen wheels in titaankleur. Except that a special exhaust system, perforated brake disks and aluminium pedals have been assembled. A still better position to guarantee can you (without meerprijs) choose for a special sport under couple and for irradiation the sierlijsten, grille and sierstrip on the lid of the boot in mat black have been carried out. All this costs, however, the necessary pennies extra. For € 150,590, - RS6 the plus of you is with which he wide € 18,000, -(!) more costs than ' ordinary ' RS6. Get you or still Vip-arrangement for two persons to the DTM on Zandvoort. You want order RS6 Avant plus then must you, however, fast be. He is only in restricted oplage deliverable and within a couple month will be taken RS6 from production. For all clarity, RS6 the Avant on the photograph RS6 the plus is not. Of this no photograph is available because it only a very restrictive oplage goes and in the lists the car to not even find is. It concerns here therefore, however, very particular RS6.
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