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well well..........

i am happy to have found at least this info....

looks like there are exhaust and intake options avail for the Q, and stillen has done some work on the intake manifoild as well... (port n polish?)

Stillen Racing worked on the car, as well as various race prep shops in So. Cal. The car has a modified JET chipset, POP intake system (with modified drivers front engine panels to help funnel cold air), a torque-biting racing Brabham 4.08 rear end conversion, bored and polished throttle body, huge JAM fuel injectors, all ports, manifolds and headers have been pulled, matched, and polished. A race pipe shop built a radical custom full dual exhaust with crossover pipe (stock Q45's all have power-robbing exhaust that pinch down from the first resonators, then bunch into a twin-tip single muffler).

The car has been drilled and lightened where possible (and safe) and I was able to shave 220+ lbs. without removing any interior luxury
im hoping for some zaust options at the very least.....


more soon, i hope!

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I hope this speaks well for the FX45...blower/headers etc...power! :D
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