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stained wheel covers

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so i took my car into the dealer to get service and they washed it. the next day i notice that all of the wheel covers (over the lugs) are stained like some type of liquid was splahed on them and it will not come off no matter what i try. :x anyone else have something like this happen? i am going to call them in the am and let them know, and see if i can get them replaced or fixed, but any good ideas on cleaning them are appreciated!
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With out knowing what is causing the stain it's pretty hard to suggest how to clean it. I guess the one piece of advise I could give is never let the dealer (or anyone else for that matter) wash your car. I'm the only one that washes my cars so that way if something happens I only have myself to blame.

Hope they can help you out and either clean up their mess or replace your covers.
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