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I need a bit of help.. I have been trolling the net for weeks to locate a rear bumper top cover that is made out of stainless steel for my 06 FX (infiniti does not make one). The only ones I see are made of black rubber like this one

I heard that a bumper top for a Chevy HHR would work and this place has one.. However I really don't want to have them ship me one just to find out it does not fit. If someone lives near this place with a 03 - 08 FX you could do me a HUGE favor by going there and seeing if this part will work on the FX I would really appreciate it - double thanks if you could take a picture!

Their address is:
American Car Craft
18924 Sakera Rd
Hudson, FL 34667

I know this is a crazy request but thanks in advance!
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