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They are available in 255x60x18" Nokian told me that they will be 12 mm smaller in diameter, and ofcourse a little narrower. This difference in size should not cause any problems, right?
These tires won't be available in the 265 size until maybe next winter.
The Tire Factory has them studded with the EcoStuds for $244.80 each.
This is including shipping.
I am going to order them for myself, in the near future, because I have driven on these tires for years in my Audi's. I just won't settle for less, because I don't like getting stuck on my mountain here in the Ozarks . The roads here are very narrow,hilly and windy and become extremely challenging after an icestorm...
Just wondered if anybody else was interested in these, and maybe like to order along with me and get a discount.
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