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It's fairly well known that you can access a number of "secret" menus on the FX if you have the tech package. These menus are mostly diagnostic in nature and can be accessed with this technique:

1. Turn the ignition to "ON" position (or start the car).
2. Turn the audio system off.
3. While pressing the "MUTE/II" button, turn the volume control dial clockwise or counterclockwise for 30 clicks or more. (When the self-diagnosis mode is started, a short beep will be heard.)
4. To shift from a current screen to a previous screen, press the "PREV" button.
5. To access one more layer of additional menus/options, perform step 3 again.

The service manuals do a fairly decent job of explaining each function.

While skimming through the manual, I came across a secret test mode that I have not seen discussed before so I'll share it now (don't get too excited, the neatest thing about this is that it is a secret mode -- what it actually does is rather boring. :wink:)

A/C and AV Switch Self-Diagnosis Function

It can check ON/OFF operation of each switch in the A/C and AV switch and diagnose the input signals to the steering switch (audio).

Starting the Self-diagnosis Mode
1. Turn ignition switch from OFF to ACC.
2. Within 10 seconds press and hold the switches “MUTE/II ” and “PREV” simultaneously for 3 seconds.

Then the self-diagnosis operates.

Exiting the Self-diagnosis Mode
- Turn ignition switch OFF. Then the self-diagnosis ends.

Diagnosis Function
- It can illuminate all the indicators (LED) in the A/C and AV switch.
- It can check for continuity of the switches by sounding the buzzer when the A/C and AV switch is pressed.
- It can check for continuity of harness between A/C and AV switch and steering switch (audio).

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Cool write up to consolidate everything in one place!
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