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I have seen I am not the only one with this problem and many people have removed the chrome Infiniti strip to reattach the switch.

I removed the plastic panel on the rear hatch. I found that the previous owner had electrical tape on the push button cable/grommet.
I removed the electrical tape and found out that they or a dealer had pushed the excess cable in so the switch would stay pushed out into position.

I pushed in more excess cable through the grommet to push switch into position. Switch is still not out far enough.
I pushed the grommet in so there was more material pushing the switch out into position. It was close, but not out far enough.

I took a #10 blue ribbed plastic anchor and pushed into the bottom portion of the hole. You just push it in one rib at a time till the switch is held in position.
Then use RTV silicon to make it permanent.

I didn't want to remove the chrome strip. After seeing what the previous owner or dealer had done, that gave me the idea to use plastic anchor.
It was easy.
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