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Hi. I have a 2005 FX35 with 231k miles on it. My FX has been great, no major issues except the rear wheel bearing.

Now I am working on an issue with my radiator. I found a huge crack on the top plastic part and ordered a new one off ebay for around $55 with lifetime warranty. Anyway, I replaced the radiator and put everything back to normal (fans back on, transmission fluid reattached, etc.). I went to start the car and it started but hesitated... it seems to run okay but i have all kinds of lights on now... i did unhook the battery when changing out the radiator.. but i put everything back??.. the VDC OFF light is on, the SLIP light is ON and the check engine light is on... not sure why? the only thing i can think of is some have mentioned needing to bleed the air? not sure how to do that?.. does this have to do with the transmission fluid? do i need to add more? not even sure where to do that either?

i read online that it could be the brake fluid but i didn't even touch that? i dont think that would cause my car to hesitate starting either?

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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