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I've got a 2006 Fx35.. and I need music!
At a minimium I just want to stream music from my phone into the system and out of the Boise. I'd like to avoid a Bluetooth transmitter (ones that use an unused radio channel)

1. Has anyone ever swapped a newer head unit into an older car... say a 2008 into a 2006... I know the bezels are different but they bot just plug into the cars harness. Would a 2008 fit in a 2006
2. I've seen those units that replace the bezel with a "tesla style" screen anyone have recent experience with those? They seem to have mixed reviews. Which one is the best?
3. If i kept the OEM head unit what can I use to get my android phone to stream to the system. I've heard of the GROM, BOVEE systems.

Thanks all
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