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What cars have you owned in the past? Feel free to describe each, tell us if you owned or leased it, why you got rid of it, etc.. I'll start:
1967 Dodge Polaris station wagon
First time I'd ever driven over 120 mph (had 4 highschool friends with me too). A drunk ran into it while parked in my driveway and totaled it.

1974 Ford Maverick
Loved that car. Someone evading the police smashed into it while it was parked on the street.

1976 Lincoln Continental
Temporary replacement for the Maverick. What a beast.

1980 Datsun 210 Hatchback
My first new car and the most dependable car I've ever owned. Drove it for 14 years! Traded in on the next car.

1994 Honda del Sol Si
Fun car - a real head turner at the time. Totaled it 6 yrs later when some arse pulled out in front of me.

2000 BMW 323i sport
Beautiful car. Great cornering. Traded in on Honda Odyssey.

2004 FX35
Bought this because we needed something to haul "stuff" with on the weekends, and because we wanted something sporty during the week.

2007 Honda Odyssey - Touring w/ nav and DVD
The FX is OK, but we decided we needed a really good kid mover and this thing is the best.

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70 Dodge Dart
I wanted a hot rod Firebird but my pop wouldn't let me buy one, even with my own money!

78 Toyota Corolla
Lowered by heating coil springs, hi-perf downdraft weber carb :lol: Sold when I joined the Navy.

80 Toyota Corolla
Bought after I got back from boot camp. Added some "huge" 15-inch gold BBS wheels.

85 Volkswagen Golf GTI
My first new car.

87 Volkswagen Jetta GLI
Bought this one after I married a woman with bad money skills, mostly so we could skip a month's worth of car payments. Added nice wheels and a trunk full of speaker box down the line.

76 Toyota Corolla
Total rust bucket with a nice motor and interior, bought since we were sharing (and fighting over) the Jetta. Ex refused to drive in it and wouldn't even let me park it in front of the apartment.

89 Mazda 323
Got tired of fighting about the Corolla.

73 Datsun 240Z
I always loved Zs since I was a kid. Gave this one to my dad for Christmas a few years back. It's rusting in front of his house now.

67 Datsun Pickup
Pristine truck bought for $800 from an old lady whose husband had passed away. The one vehicle I regret selling.

90 Volkswagen Jetta Carat
Not sure why the **** we bought this car. It didn't hold up very well and (thankfully) my Ex kept it when we split.

93 Ford Probe GT
First car with the new wife. Pretty and quick but not built too well and not big enough for our Brady Bunch collection of 4 kids.

88 Mitsubishi Van we buy this ridiculous looking van that I somehow end up driving every day. These were the dark years.

95 Chrysler Sebring LXI
Traded the Probe for this as it was the next pretty thing to come along and catch my wife's eye. Slow and low quality - last Chrysler I'll ever buy.

72 Datsun 240Z
Z bug bit again. This one had a nice motor but crap body and I didn't keep it too long.

96 Volkswagen Golf GTI VR6
Couldn't take driving the Lost in Space Mobile anymore. Traded the van and the Z on this.

94 Toyota Landcruiser
This was my wife's homecoming present from her first aircraft carrier deployment. Aside from fuel mileage, a perfect car.

71 Datsun 240Z
Finally found the right Z. Nearly perfect inside and out, only 130k miles on the clock.

90 Nissan Pickup
Total beater truck bought to haul my bike to the track and crap away from our house.

99 Ducati ST4
Threatened to buy a bike for years and finally did it.

01 Mazda Millenia S
Replaced the gas-guzzling Landcruiser when 3 of the 4 kids left the house.

02 Nissan Frontier King Cab
Finally decided I couldn't haul my $14k motorcycle around in that POS truck anymore. Very embarrassing at the track.

03 Ducati 749S
Midlife crisis. Nuff said.

03 Infiniti FX35
My wife wanted her Landcruiser back. I figure I got her about half way there with this one.

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In college

89 Hyundai Exel
87 Grand AM
87 Cutlass Sierra

After getting a fulltime job

98 Nissan Altima
00 Nissan Maxima
01 BMW 325i

And Now!

03 FX45 Tech

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God , this is going to take a while

1982 Datsun 280Z Turbo
1984 Chevy Monte Carlo SS
1990 Toyota 4 Runner
1992 Nissan 300ZX TT
1996 Chevy Corvette
2000 Chevy Corvette
2001 Chevy Corvette
2004 Infiniti FX45

Wife's Cars
1993 Mistubishi Eclipse GSX
1997 Nissan Maxima SE
2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited
2002 Acura TL-S
2004 Chevy Tahoe Z71

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1956 Studebaker 1/2 stepside: My dad's Studebaker dealership had put a Stude V8 in it. Manual steering, 2-spd automatic on the column that went P - N - D - L - R. Move too quickly into low and you'd go right to R

1969 Chevy El Camino 350 Malibu: Bad rust problem, engine seriously overbuilt by previous owner.

1973 Chevelle Laguna: I tricked it out with parts off a police interceptor I found in a junk yard. Drove it off a levee into a farmer's field east of Seattle, totalling it and almost offing myself (hey, I was 19, K?)

1974 Mercury Montego: Car # 1 during my "responsible married guy" phase. You could stand between the radiator and grille with your feet on the ground.

1978 Volvo 242 DL: 1st car I bought new (with my new wife). Hand's down the absolute worst car I ever owned.

1987 Toyota Camry: Bought new, great car, boring as ****.

1989 Toyota Camry: Bought new, great car, less boring because it was red and had power windows. Loaned it to my mother-in-law who tried to cross a 6-lane road and got hit by 3 cars. She was uninjured, car was totalled.

1989 New wife

1989 Toyota Corolla (wife's): Reliable, weak brakes. Sold it to my boss who still has it.

1993 Nissan Quest (wife's): OK car, a few electrical probs. Upholstery only lasted about 50K.

1997 Toyota Camry V6: Bought new, great car, sleeper with 200hp.

2001 Lexus GS 300: Great car, but too small up front. Traded it in on the FX. I miss that car - put together like a swiss watch.

2001 Acura MDX: Also a great Car (my wife's). We still have it.

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Great idea ParticleFX!

'69 VW Campmobile...this vehicle was my grandfathers, and we ended up with it when he passed away. Sold it in 77 as the maintenance costs were too much for me as young Air Force recruit.

'78 Trans Am...I was stationed in Neb., and walking to night school, so my folks were feeling sorry for me, and split the cost with me on my first new vehicle. Only had it for a year before having to sell it due to getting transferred to Germany.

?? BMW 3.0Si...My first autobahn car. Bought used, and don't recall the model year. What a beast! The motor on this thing was stupendious, and could easily redline the 4-speed manual at 140mph.

'82 Ford EXP...Out of the Air Force, this was the first new vehicle I bought on my own. Loved the styling & handling, but very underpowered. Sold in '83 when my company sent me to Germany again.

?? Mercedes second autobahn cruiser, bought used for $1600.

'85 Corvette...I was 27, and making more $ than I knew what to do with. Getting tired of driving the Merc every day, I decided to buy a sportscar, and when the Porsche folks told me that I'd have to wait 6 months for a Targa, I went with GM. Had it delivered to Frankfurt with the cat-converter off...bliss is being able to drive 155mph whenever you feel like it :D

'85 T-Bird...6 mos. after buying the Vette, my company brought me back to the U.S. Sold the 350SE, shipped the Vette home, and needed a daily commuter vehicle.

'85 Hyundai Excel...3 months later, I got sent to Korea. Sold the T-Bird & put the Vette into storage. Bought this car new for $ price & the least reliable vehicle I'd ever owned.

'88 Saab Turbo SPG...left Korea for Germany again, and bought this just before getting married (first time). Enjoyable vehicle...until I dropped the tranny while passing someone on a two-lane road one year after purchase. Saab wouldn't pay and I'll never do business with them again. Ended up shipping it to Korea since my wife was pregnent, and I wanted a safe vehicle for us...sold it there around '91.

?? Mercedes 450SE...bought for my 1st wife in Germany. Almost identical to the 350SE I owned before, but with alot more kick. This was her first vehicle...I taught her to drive in Germany, and wanted something big and safe. Sold when I went back to Korea a second time.

?? Mercury Marquis...we ended up in Maryland, in '91, so I got the Vette back out of storage and bought this for the 1st wife. Surprisingly good vehicle, but we only had it for a year before going to Korea one last time. Also sold the Vette finally with agreement from the wife that I could get a replacement when we returned from didn't matter as we separated in '94.

'92 Hyundai last tour of Korea. Bought this new for around $9k, and never had a single problem with it...big change from the '85 Excel! Sold in '94 when I returned to the US for good.

'94 Dodge Intrepid...being separated, but still expecting to work things out, I got this for the 1st wife (leased on advice from my attorney...can't split what you don't own!). When things didn't work out (the ex stayed in Korea), I ended up keeping it, and even bought it at the end of the lease. Generally a good vehicle, but alot of road noise.

'98 Grand Prix GTP...I was getting tired of the Intrepid, wanting something sporty, but was a single dad with a girl in kindergarten...had to be a little practical. 3 days after purchase, it broke down on its very first highway ride. They found coolent in a couple of the cylinders. Pontiac wanted to fix the car, and it took me 3 more days to convince them that I would take legal action if they didn't replace it...which they finally did. A year after buying the FX, I still haven't sold this car...gotta get off my butt.

'99 Grand Prix GTP...Met my 2nd wife in '99 when she was in the market for a new car. She was looking at 3-series BMWs, Maximas, Lincoln LS, etc., and when I let her drive my GP, she said that it had everything the others did for $5k less. She still has and loves it.

'03 FX45...With both GPs paid off, and us settled into our new house, I was getting the new car bug again. The wife told me to get whatever I wanted, but I knew that a 2-seat sportscar was unpractical for us (I was wrong), so I was looking for a sedan...test drove the Maxima, G35 sedan & coupe, M45, Lexus GS430 & LS430, Volvo S60R, Mercedes E500, BMW 5 & 7 series. After driving the M45, I brought the wife to the dealership to get her opinion, and she talked me into testing the FX...I was sold. I married a smart woman! :lol:

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my family was in the car biz so the 1st car i ever bought was a 1970 Lamborghini Miura S in 1985. sold it to get married and bought a house.

after the car biz (different profession now), bought a 1988 BMW 735i.

Next..1997 Caddy STS

Now..i own a 2000 Suzuki Intruder 1400 (cruiser, shaft drive) and the FX.

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Jeez, guys, either I'm on the young side of this threads posters, or you go through cars pretty quick! My list isn't nearly as impressive, but I'm bored so I'll play.

1) 1979 VW Rabbit. Beige w/ beige vinyl interior, one speaker AM radio and no AC. First car handed off by my father (he got a new Mazda 323). Had it for about a year before I hit a deer and totalled it driving home late after working at Mickey D's in High School. Best thing that ever happened to that car.

2) 1981 VW Scirocco. Mars red w/ black interior. Loved that car. It had the best body style (they changed it in '82). Put a black Supra style spoiler on it and new radio/speakers (My first mods!). That car got me through college.

3) 1993 Honda Civic coupe. Forget the name of the color, but it was the light teal they used for the first two years before they darkened it in '95. This was primarily my (ex) wife's car.

4) 1995 Honda Del Sol Si. Milano red w/ custom red/black leather, chrome MOMO Ferrari Engineering wheels and custom MOMO striping (special package done by the dealer). Got this when I graduated college and got my first real job. Great car and my introduction to RICE. I did many mods over the years and hated to see her go after eight years, but I was ready for something a little more refined.

5) 2001 Nissan Xterra. Solar Yellow. (current) Wife's car.

6) 2003 Infiniti G35c 6MT. DG/G. Very nice, but I wasn't emotionally in love with it (plus I obsessed WAY too much over it). Had it for three months and JUST got it broken in before trading it in on my FX.

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So far I havn't down graded.

1st car was a 2000 Accord Coupe 4banger manual.
Then I got the 2003 TL typeS after college.
Now I have an 04 fx35

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'67 Dodge Coronet - Grandmother's car when new. Two sisters had it before me. That thing was huge!

'77 Toyota Corolla - POS. I would drive it to the store, park it, come out, and it would be dead.

'87 VW Fox - 1st new car.

'91 Acura Integra - Stolen. Recovered with bullet hole through bumper, blood on back seat, and missing my 1st aid kit.

'94 Jeep Wrangler - stolen on Christmas Day - 4 months old. Never recovered.

'94 Jeep Wrangler - doors stolen three days before Christmas.

'95 Ford Mustang convertible - inexpensive (used) and fun.

'01 BMW Z3 - Great car!!

'03 Infiniti FX35 - amazing.

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1976: 70 Ford Country Squire station wagon - hand-me-down from Pops :lol:
1977: 74 Ford Pinto - w/ vinyl top :( :( :( :( :( :(
1979: 77 Mercury Monarch :( :( :(
1979: 79 Ford Mustang :( :(
1980: 80 Honda Civic - no AC :( :(
1982: 80 Honda Prelude :D :D :D
1985: 84 Honda Accord :D :D
1991: 91 Nissan 240SX :D
1991: 92 Nissan Maxima :D :D
1992: 93 Ford Probe - what was I thinking :!: :( :( :( :( :(
1993: 93 Nissan Altima :( :( :(
1995: 93 Dodge Stealth Twin Turbo :D :D
1997: 96 Isuzu Trooper :D :D :D
1999: 86 Jaguar XJS (owned same time as Trooper) :D :D
2001: 98 Acura RL :D :D :D
2002: 01 Chevy Corvette Coupe :D :D :D :D :D
2003: 03 Chevy TrailBlazer :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
2003: 03 Mini Cooper S (owned same time as TrailBlazer) :D :D :D
2004: 03 Infiniti FX35 :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

hmmm, all of a sudden I'm feeling old.....

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(1) 1979 Chrysler Horizon Hatch Back - great for doing neutral drops ;)

(2) 1986+- Reliant K Car - engine ran with a ticking sound like there was no oil in the engine. the headliner dropped into your hair...the chicks LOVED this car 8)

(3) 1995 Saturn SL1 - inexpensive but it did its job

(4) 1999 Honda Accord Coupe V6 - so far, the overall best car ive ever owned in terms of overall quality over time vs. price

(5) 2003 G35 Sedan - had this for about 4 months until i got rear ended by a teenage girl at a stop light

(6) 2003 FX35 - ....get rear-ended with new car.....feel sorry for youself........get new FX to make yourself feel better :lol:

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1984: 1976 AMC Pacer, baby blue (~$500) - just like Garth's in Wayne's World. It was naturally lowered in the rear about 2 inches (bad springs). This beast was a chick magnet! -- Especially after I slapped some Bondo on it and had it painted black for $99.95 at Earl Scheib's.

1988: 1981 Fiat Spider 2000, racing green. (The Pacer was given to the little brother...I think he still holds a grudge.)

1989: 1988 Porsche 924S, red (My first manual transmission. I had never driven a stick before. I figured it out the night I bought it on a 90 mile trip home to see the folks.)

1992?: 1981 Ford Ranger (I needed something to pull the Jet Ski.)

1993: 1993 Jeep Wrangler, black (Traded in the Ranger.) (I owned this Jeep for 3 months when an elderly man ran a red light, nailed me in the right rear, knocked me onto my side and spun me through the intersection. The insurance company was going to fix her up good as new. I would have no part of it. I made them buy me a new one. The guy that hit me had a stroke soon after. The claims adjuster kept pestering him in the hospital, where he eventually passed away. To this day I'm convinced that the insurance guy -- and his little tape recorder -- did him in.)

1994: 1994 Jeep Wrangler, black

1998: 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo, black w/performance mods (I traded in the 924S. There is a night and day difference between these two cars. I couldn't resist.)

2004: 2004 Infiniti FX35 AWD w/touring, tech. & sport, black

2004: 1994 Jeep Wrangler for sale! -- Loaded, low miles (with factory soft top & doors, plus 1993 factory hard top & doors :wink:). Only driven to church on Sundays.

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High School
- 1967 Ranchero
- 1984 Firebird
- 1988 Stepside Chevy Truck

- 1989 BMW 325iC

Real World
- 1994 Acura Legend Coupe
- 1999 Nissan Maxima
- 2000 Volvo C70 Conv.
- 1988 Chevy Suburban - paid $1000

- 2003 FX45
- 2003 Yamaha V-Star

Everything in college and high school was passed down from my pops. He loves cars and buys them all the time.

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1991 Nissan Maxima SE - Bought it then traded w/ my mother's car after 2 accidents - neither my fault but the second was on the day I got it out of the shop from the 1st. The car had less than 2,000 miles on it. My parents insisted the Maxima & I were not meant to be together (they're funny like that). :x

1991 Infiniti Q45 - Traded with my mother; She actually liked the Max better (lol) and I didn't complain. Awesome car, although, I wished my dad offered his car instead. ;)

1994 Honda Civic EX Coupe - Needed a smaller, fuel efficient college car. After 2 yrs, the Q went back to my mother. The Max to my little sis and I got started on the rice mobile. Modded the crap out of the little 1.6L that could - rims, coilover drop, intake, headers, catback Fart pipe, crazy sound system, etc... dropped a ton of cash into it while I ate $2 pizza dinners w/ the then gf, now wife (still cant believe she put up with that and stuck with me. lol) :) Fun little car, in the 1st & 2nd gears...

1997 BMW 328IS - Out of school, promising job, living in the city.... needed something faster, cooler, a lot more refined but not bigger. Fit the bill perfectly. Still own it, still love it. Despite BMW's reliability track record, never had a single problem with it.

2004 Infiniti FX35 - Wife wanted an AWD 'future' family SUV, I wanted a sports sedan. The perfect compromise. I got the sport & toys, she got the utility and AWD; we both got an awesome looking car. Waited 8 months for the '04s to buy it (passenger seat height was a BIG deal to the wife)... the wait was PAINFUL.

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Here they are.

1983 Escort GT
1982 Dodge Charger
1976 Chevy Impala
1984 Buick Regal T-Type – Great car and very fast
1983 Buick Skyhawk - parents picked it out and I had to pay for it
1991 Hydundai Scope – Good car, breaks easy in an accident
1991 Chevy Camaro RS – Beautiful car, big head turner, very fast, still have, hoping to
mod it up one day, still in original condition with on 67k on it.
1979 Chevy Olds Delta 88 Royal – Bought from original owner son w/ 63k
1985 Chevette - Used when Camaro was in storage
1981 Cadillac Sedan DeVille - Had rust circles like bullet holes down the sides
1994 Chevy Blazer 4x4 - Still have just turned 105k
1985 Yamaha Virgo – needs some help
1978 Honda Hawk – I have been too busy to learn to ride, mileage still at 4k
Chevy Full size Conversion Van – Great vehicle, sorry had to sell it
2003 FX35 – Tech package with a few mods, best car ever

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1985 Honda Accord LX: Left over from my sister. It's a reliable car. No major problems. She was with me for my high school years.

1990 Mercedes Benz 300E: Bought it used and I would say it is the best built Mercedes in recent history. Really solid and feel secure but maintanence cost is very high. Sold it after the AC quit working while driving to Las Vagas in the summer time :shock:

1997 BMW 528i: Bought it new. Great driver's car. Put a new set of wheels and suspension and she looks great. Replaced transmission @100,000 miles, radiator and water tank @150,000 miles. After driving her for ~160,000 miles, I decided I need to let her go. :(

2003 FX35: Bought it new in Oct 03. I need something other than 4 door sedans and more utilities. The black FX really catches my eyes. Really happy and have already spent 20000 miles with her. :D

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This is after college, 1994 on. Before this was beaters.
88 Mazda MX6
87 Toyota Supra turbo
85 BMW 325e
92 Subaru SVX
94 Lexus GS300
99 Lexus GS400
00 Mercedes CLK430
02 Lexus IS300
04 Toyota Corolla(commuter car)
04 Infiniti FX45

And yeah, I have lost so much money trading cars in so often it's sick. You only live once though.
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