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Who wants a window sticker of the site logo and what size?

  • No sticker for me

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  • Yes, rectangular (2"x4")

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  • Yes, circular (4" in diameter)

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Poll: Who's up for a window sticker for

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Let's get an idea of who wants a sticker.
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FXcellent said:
Let's get an idea of who wants a sticker.
i voted for 2x4 but i think a better size would be 1"x3". or 3/4"x3"
2x4 just seems very large almost as large as having windows tinted :lol:
FXcellent said:
I was thinking about the size of the Sirius window sticker that we received in our welcome packet. Did you get one?
i dont recall seeing a sticker, must have lost it
so how many stickers should one person get? one for each window?
just wanna know where everyone plan to put the stickers :?: :)
hows this i was doodling with the cheap looking MSpaint.
used the wheels of the FX as a starter.
also notice all the colors in the FX are represented in the 1st photo


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FXcellent said:
Don't want to hurt your feelings but that sticker is for a guurl.
ha ha ha
dont we have any feminine members on this site.
i think you guys need to get in touch with your feminine side :lol:
I'd just like the font file because I can give that to the sign shop on a floppy .....
LOL :lol:
a floppy dude
you better tell the mom and pop sign shop dude to modernize and start accepting email . next thing you know they will want an amonia smelling blue print similar to the one the government uses to produce that famous $800 hammer
so dmtalon
is that sticker on the inside or outside
all caps or all lower case
also way too big
prolly 1/2 that size is right
thats my opinion
i think the idea is to have an identifiable decal that will be easily recognizable by members. it is not necessary to read it from across state lines :lol:
also trying to avoid the ricer looks.
however when the car is parked, gawkers will be easily able to read it. that is of course dependant on whether they finish grade school or not :lol:
based on the poll, the general concensus was approx. 1x3 or 1x4
dmtalon said:
But like I said the letters are already shorter than an 1" so making the now ~8" long sticker 4" will make the letters like under a 1/2" tall.

Is that what we're shooting for?
personally i have no problem with 1/2"x4"
sign me up for two stickers , thank you.
i will pass on a 1"x8" sticker.
but thats just me, you need to make one to sell to the masses not just me
so thats your call
just my $.02 :)
1 - 10 of 146 Posts
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