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2005 FX45 120K miles
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I'll take a flyer: The other day, one of my dome headlights worked when I pushed on it and then stopped working. The next morning my battery was dead.

I thought maybe my bulb burned out, but that wouldn't cause a battery drain.

What causes a parasitic battery drain is when the "+" wire leaks current to ground; and we all know what a PITA that can be to trace.

In this case, I turned to YouTube to find a video on how to replace the dome light bulb.... and here it is. Fast forward to 3:10 or so to get to the dome light part.

What I found was the dome light switch was stuck. I cleaned it with electrical contact cleaner (but you can probably use a small amount of WD too) and the switch started to work. And the bulb was fine.

The good news is that my battery and starting system was fine after this.

So, one easy thing you can do is to verify all your dome and door and trunk lights work like they should. And if thay don't than maybe you just need to clean the problem switch. Good luck.

Also: after 10+ years, everyone should wire brush their fuses (one at a time) to clean off the oxidation. I also found this helps the BCM receive a strongers signal. Because sometimes, if your starter will not engage when you turn the key, it might be because the BCM is sensing a "problem" which cuts power to your starter. (Which may or may not be a security circuit problem, because I think the BCM-security-circuit cuts power to the ECM if all the security check points are not met.

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Anyone have any ideas?

On my 2009 FX50, when I leave the vehicle in ACC mode (engine off, A/C off, lights off).. after about 5-10 minutes, the system freezes up (assuming it is because there is not enough power to supply ACC needs).. once it freezes, you can't do anything but turn off the car from ACC... at that point you're hosed.. you can't start the car and if you try.. you get the telltale clicking of the starter not turning over.

At this point.. things seem to be clearly in the dead batter camp..

You can jump start the car and everything starts up fine. but, and here is the strange thing, .. after jumping the car.. I can turn it off and on multiple times immediately.. no re-charging of the battery, no driving around etc.. If it truly were a dying battery, wouldn't I not be able to start right away?

So, if it is not the battery, does anyone know of what else may be causing this issue when in ACC mode?

I took it to the dealer about a month ago after the first elec crash, they found nothing and said the battery was good... it is only this week that I can reproduce the elec failure in the way described.

.. any help would be much appreciated.
Does it happen to have a smart start?
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