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Long story. Haven’t driven this vehicle in like 6 months. It’s an 05 FX35 w/200k miles. Had issues with idle and power. Would randomly die while idling. The VCD (I think that’s the abbr) and slip lights come on.

Took it to a mechanic. He cleaned the throttle body and new cam sensors. He cleaned something else and was hoping it would fix it because if it didn’t the part would be $800ish. Well it didn’t work and I was tired of dumping money into the thing. That was 6 months ago.

Tonight I got a wild hair and looked under the hood myself. Replaced the battery. Worked great, until it didn’t. 5 minutes idling and it died again. Same lights came on.

Looked at the engine again and saw a massive hole in the air intake hose. Took it off and found oil in there. Yes, oil. It had an oil leak at one time so it may have gotten in there that way idk.

Wrapped the hose up in duck tape (temp fix cause autozone didn’t have the part). Started it up again and at first it seems to run okay but then randomly will have bumps in the RPMs. Starts out idling around 1100. Within 3 minutes or so it’s idling around 750. It didn’t shutoff the engine though. I’m sure eventually it would shut off.

I know it’s hard not having a scan room with a read out but I’m hoping I can jog someone’s brain to get some direction before dropping $1k or so. So question, how badly is my air intake messed up from that oil? Do I need to clean it? What’s with the low RPMs?

Thanks for any feedback. Sorry if I missed a similar thread. Brake fluid level is good (Mentioned in another thread regarding slip lights and VDC)
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