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Obsessed with infiniti...

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I'm suppose to sell cars not fall in love with them. Just took in a 2003 red G35 coupe sport package, stick, navi, in trade the guy bought a CLS500. As i drove the car to the back to park it i knew i had to buy it, so i did and i love this thing already. :hello1:
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Lols... Congrats on your new ride. Pics?

I love the red G35C. You should put a Greddy kit on that thing. It looks so hot w/ that kit. must be making bank! :lol:

im trying to get my fiance to get a G once the honda lease is up.
This doesn't belong in Suspension/Tires/Rims... moving to General.

can you teach me how i've copied from my email but can not paste it. :(
easy it to me [email protected]
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