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Hi. Since I have a feeling this may become a very popular mod in the future thought I'd publish some observations.

1) zTube users: It was much easier to align the plenum and gasket with the ztube disconnected from the MAF as well as the throttle body. This allows you to move the zTube completely out of the way of the plenum. On edit. ShadyJC observed same issue with stock tube so it's probably a good idea to disconnect it boys and girls.

2) Leave all 6 plenum bolts inside the upper plenum then put the sticky spacers over the bolts. Leave the bolts on the plenum then lower the upper plenum onto the lower.

3) Do a very loose tightening of the upper plenum bolts then do a final fititing. This allows you to realign the gasket that sits above the spacer.

4) There are gaskets that sit around the holes inside the lower plenum. Specifically they sit around the holes that accept the bolts from the upper plenum. Take care these gaskets do not become misaligned when you lower the upper plenum onto the lower.

Misalignment of these gaskets will prevent the upper plenum bolts from reaching the threads in the lower plenum. Of course I discovered this problem on the 6th and final plenum bolt and needed to remove the other five and start all over again. (Another good reason to follow item 3 above.)

5) A little WD40 applied to the threads of the outer bolts made installing them much easier. I didn't do this to the inner plenum bolts for fear of contaminating the intake manifold. (no idea what effect silicone lubricant might have. Why chance it.)

6) If you're running with a strut tower bar remove it. The 5 minutes it takes to take it out will save 30 minutes of aggravation later on.
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