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noise from rear

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Sometimes I get a noise from my 04 RWD in the rear when braking. It's hard to describe but it is kind of a creaking/popping kinda sound. It's different than a brake squeal. Mostly I notice it when coming out of my garage first thing in the day. Not consistent however. Thinking it might be the float in the gas tank but not sure. Anything else it could be? Rear drivetrain, possibly brake calipers? I know there was a TSB on 03's for some gussets screws are something. I have no clue as of yet.
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Considering how new your car is new it might be that your springs are settling into the strut housing. I know that after you lower a car you might hear poppping noises the first few weeks.

Not sure if this is your case but if it perssists for a couple weeks I would def take it into the dealer.
Ok, I was sitting in my car after starting it this morning waiting for it to warm up a little, and without doing anything heard the noise again. Crackling/popping noise. It may be coming from the Sirius SAT receiver. However, the radio wasn't turned on. Any thoughts?
My car is pretty new and afterdriving the car for a bit and parking it in the garage I hear poping and crackling as well. Its just the car warming down and the metal settling and what not....its pretty normal. If thats what you are referring to.
No, this is happening while the car is running and right after I start it.
I'd agree with mushutofu, that it's possibly the exhaust heating up (vs. cooling down) It's very common for exhaust systems to creak/pop when warming up / cooling down. More so on new vehicles because the metal hasn't be heat cycled that much.

As it gets older the medal will actually get harder and probably stop the noise.

If you really want to find out, start the car and get out and listen for it. That way you know for sure what it is and if it's inside / outside.
I tried to listen this morning but it didn't happen this time.

This is something that you would here (if radio off) and I would expect others on this forum to have the same noise if it was the exhaust. I'll keep looking. thanks
FXcellent said:
This is something that you would hear (if radio off)
Ah- see, I don't turn off my radio listening for noises, creaks, and rattles on my FX.
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