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Hi, I'm a new member with a 2011 fx50 S in the UK. The radio works sometimes and once it is on it stays on ( ie there's
no intermittent sound once it is on) but next time I start the car it occasionally works, but mostly doesn't! Sat Nav works but, of course, without sound prompts. The reverse/side cameras don't work and the parking sensors don't work either.
I have checked the fuses, which are OK and I changed the Bose amplifier for another one ( got off eBay so could have been faulty as well!) but it made no difference. I can't do the self-diagnosis as nothing comes up when I twiddle the volume control. Infiniti have closed down their dealerships/ service centres in the UK , so that's not much help. I thought of going to a Nissan dealer but wasn't sure if they would know about this system - is it fitted in any Nissan models?
Don't want anyone mucking about with it unless they know what they are doing!
Sorry to go on - anyone got any ideas?
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