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Hi all,

After came back from a week vacation, My 09Fx35 Awd with 196k miles recently having issues; it doesn't crank, just a single click noise even with battery is connected to a jumper. And the i-key was insterted into the slot under the dashboard

Prior to that, the car throwing a lot of codes for a while that caused Abs,brake, Awd, Ses warning light to lite up:
1. P0500
2. P02A00
3. P02A03
4. P0024

May i know where is the location of vss/speed sensor that caused p0500/vehicle speed sensor A? Is it in the tranny or which wheels?

Regarding p02A00 and p02A03: will replacing 2 o2 sensor located before catalytic solve this issue?

Regarding p0024: do i need to replace the magnet retarder on the driver side?

Any suggestion is appreciates. Thank you
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