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Newbie question on VQ53DE engine. Why do we have 280HP?

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I'm new to this Nissan VQ35DE engine and all the various flavors it comes in. How is ours different in terms of HP, to say, a Murano or 350Z? How is ours tuned differently? CAMs? ECU?
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FX has 35 more HP(280) than Murano(245),FX has AWD based on RWD plat. vs. Murano AWD / FWD for starters. (lucky you!) - so play with the intake and exhaust and have over 300 horse for about a grand $
It's in the ECU tuning and intake/exhaust restrictions. It's also company politics. The 350Z is the flagship Nissan sportscar, so has 287. The G35c came next and is 280 (it's in the quieter intake design) b/c they didn't want it to match the Z (even though it's the Skyline in Japan; the Coupe was released here in the US first). The G35 sedan is at 260 b/c of more restrictive exhaust, ECU tuning and the fact that they needed the coupe to boast more power to be sportier. The FX has the same set-up as the coupe b/c it's a sports car with a backpack!. :D
The Murano has that CVT transmission where as the other cars mentioned Z, G, and FX have real transmissions and RWD.

Dont ask me to explain the CVT, I drove one and it felt like a rubberband winding up. :? I did not like that
Love that comment sports car with a backpack.

Hey hope I can hit 300 hp by end of next week. I hope I get my exhuast delivered sometime next week, I wonder what it will sound like with my ztube and stillen intake.

jimsbmw said:
...I wonder what it will sound like with my ztube and stillen intake.

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