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2005 FX45 120K miles
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Good to know. I sort of felt like you when I signed-up about 4 months ago, but then found all the Infiniti forums are somewhat lacking in participation.

I just picked up my new to me 2004 FX45 (Gen-1, V8) and really like the quality and design and sound, inside and out, but at 12mpg around town I'm not a fan. Fortunately, I don't drive very much.

Most everything about this car is solid, but there are a few electrical issues that are all manageable, if you have some general automotive/mechanical experience; and with the help of this forum you will hopefully save both time and money DIY. Welcome... and please excuse my earlier welcome message.

Looks like you found a nice car with some nice wheels! ...If it is mechanically sound then I might suggest you get a scavenge pump on Amazon for $17and do a few ATF fluid exchanges since you don't have a dip stick. I.e., put back the exact amount of ATF you take out so you know you have the right fluid level. Also, others report Valvoline Max-Life ATF is safe to use... and is 1/4 the price of Nissan's Matic-S ATF.

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