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New parking brake shoes.

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I installed new parking brake shoes and associated parts. I was surprised how rusty the dust shield and hub parts were so I cleaned them up and painted with POR-15.


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looks good! little touches like this always stand out to me on a vehicle

hopefully you didn't get any POR15 on your hands!
Nobody wil actually see it, but I know it was done.

Nothing on my skin this time, but I have in the past. That stuff stays on a long time.
You probably got lucky and bought the correct size shoe the first time. I had mine all apart and found out the hard way that there are two different sizes. Of course I had the wrong size, and had to take an Uber to the parts store to get correct one.
Just curious why you needed to change parking brake shoes as there never used to stop and should never wear and should last live of vehicle
When I took my rotors off to replace them the pads fell of the e-brake assembly literally from corrosion and rust. In their defense I bought the car with 169k on it. That’s why I replaced mine. I never use them, I rarely park on hills and just turn the wheel toward the curb when I park if I do.
Makes sense should check mine maybe not good for life of car as my 06 FX45 has 142k on it thanks.
Question - What is POR-15?
POR-15 is a heavy duty rust paint that dries rock hard. It is actually designed to paint right on the rust. It doesn’t stick well to bare metal unless it is treated.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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