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Hello all....I just bought a 2004 FX45 (sport package, navigation, back-up cam) w/ 87k miles, last week. I love it so far. I'm just amazed by how non-SUV it handles. I'm sure that has a bit to do with the rims. The only other Infiniti I've owned before was a 2001 QX4 and loved it as well, but it handled like it was on marshmellows...haha. Just bought the FX45 as a daily driver as I have a 2001 Stage 3 S4, but wouldn't mind doing a couple minor mods such as an ECU/TCU tune and exhaust.

So I don't have to scower the forum, can anyone give me some good info on the following....
What's the best bang for the buck on ECU/TCU tunes? What are the hp/tq numbers and cost?
What are some good exhaust options (cat-back)?

Also, the only issue I have with right now is that the under-inflated tire light is on, but all the tires have at least 32 lbs of pressure in them. Is this common?

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