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New to the forum. Not new to Infiniti/Nissan. Might consider doing a build thread. Have plans for this one that I actually want to remember. This is how I got her. Didn't realize until after detail wash the it wasn't OB. Looks like it has a deep purple pearl like the EX35's. Hated the spoiler but it's starting to grow on me. Plastidipped grill that will have to be redone, rolling on 20's. Going to black out chrome, 25mm spacers, polish headlights, LED fogs (previous owner wired DRL's to fogs so they're ALWAYS on) and some better LEDs inside before the winter.

Cerwin Vega spare tire sub upgrade, black housing headlights (QX70S stock lights), resonator delete, carbon fiber exhaust tips, lowering springs, and new rims will be the spring projects

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