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Hi folks,

Yup, I'm the newest guy. I'm retired and moved to EU a month ago (from Canada). We have a Rover 75 here, but the seat height is too low for my wife, so looking at mid-height vehicles - GLK320 CDi, ML320/350 CDi, Touareg 3.0 TDi AND a 2011 FX50 S. The first 3 are a bit tricky in that they may actually be borderline too high with the seat height. The air suspension helps, though.

BUT, we've had 2 first gen Q45's and a 2003 Maxima SE 6-speed in the past. Our '92 Q45 was the best car ever according to my wife and I can't really disagree.

I'll ask here, but if my question should be on the general discussion place, please let me know and I'll post there.

Our Q's went to about 350,000 kms each with us and God knows how much farther with their new owners. They were still good when we sold them. The 2011 FX50 we're considering has 235,000 kms. As far as I can tell it is loaded with options. The seller says everything works as it should.

When we go to look at it and test drive it, what should I watch, feel and listen for? Are there any common issues to be concerned about?

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