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My 2004 FX45 did not come with a trunk cover, which also means my car does not have any mounting hardware to hold a Tonneau Cover if I can find one on Ebay.

Another forum member said these 2003-2005 FX models did come with an optional Tonneau Cover (part# 84982-CL70B), but the odds of finding one on Ebay is slime-to-none. (Never mind the expense.) And on top of that my car does not have any hardware to install it.

So has anyone taken trunk parts off a later model FX and installed them with a trunk cover in a FX-GEN-1 trunk?


Has anyone ordered a “universal” trunk cover designed for another vehicle and installed it in your FX?

I’m looking at this one on Amazon for a RAV4 (50” wide) because it looks like the width of the bar will work and it priced right. …Other models with trunk covers that might work: 2016-2018 Mercedes GLC300 (50.75” wide), but I have no idea if their trunks "tapper" like our FX trunks do, or how I'm going to mount and latch the cover in place?

Note: My 2004 FX45 trunk measures ~51.5” across the back seats, then it narrows to 50.5” at the midpoint, and narrows more to 48” where the rear trunk lid mates with the interior OEM bag hooks on each side.

If this RAV4 trunk cover fits, then I’m thinking I can install some “end cups” to hold the cover cross bar in place, but IDK if this will work or look descent? Any ideas? What have other people done to install a Tonneau Trunk Cover in their pre-2009 model FX vehicles to hide the stuff in the trunk, and to prevent glass break-in?
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