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Need Advice

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I took my car to Infiniti Tustin to address an issue with the car pulling to the right. The dealer said they would need to do an alignment.

When I got the car back all four wheels had multiple scratches. Apparently the cause of the damage is from the alignment tool. They first tried to fix all 4 wheels but decided to replace it because per their wheel repair vendor the damage was to deep to fix.

I finally got the car back after 3 days. They replaced 3 of my wheels with the wrong color. My wheels are gunmetal and they gave me silver wheels. They did not replace the 4th wheel, which is also heavily scratched. Now I have 3 silver wheels (one of them is also scratched from installing the tires) and 1 gunmetal grey wheel, which is also scratched.

The dealer told me they would replace it again when the wheels are available. Infiniti Tustin would not give me a date as to when. They said to come back on my next scheduled service

I've already filed a complaint with Infiniti but they told me since the dealer damaged the wheels they can't do anything and would have to take it up with the dealer. I also filed a complaint with BBB and have not received a response. I think my only option now is Small Claims Court.

I just want my rims replaced with the same color. The reason I got the sport package was because of the 20inch wheel with the gunmetal grey color.

Is there anything else I can do besides take them to court?
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For 100 bucks get a lawyer to contact them. They don't want to take this to court. Small claims court doesn't have the same affect as say a law suit in civil court. My guess is that they'll give in quickly....

All this is assuming you can't work with your dealer. But it doesn't sound like they are too eager to help. They just need to be coaxed into what you want and to make right by the situation.
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