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Nav will not initialize. Bug?

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Anyone notice this problem yet?

I'm due for oil so when I start the PIT warning comes up. Usually the Nav warning comes first, then the PIT warning after I accept the Nav disclaimer. To get out ot the PIT screen I just hit the map button... good to go.

However, If I go in reverse just after starting up, when I shift to drive, the PIT comes up first, and once cleared, the blank Trip screen comes up, and nothing will bring the map up. Not the map button/Dest/ etc... nothing! The only way I can get the Nav startup screen back is to turn the thing off.

Not the end of the world, but doesn't seem right. Seems like by shifting to reverse too quickly after starting screws up its initiation sequence or something..
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Ah ha! Same thing happened to me (twice) several months ago. I dismissed it and figured it was just my insanity because no one else had ever mentioned it happening to them. Good to know I'm not insane (yet).

It's obviously a bug. As soon as I did my "pit" and reset the service interval, every thing has been back to normal.
Fascinating.. Well I just reset the PIT timer and all is well...

I did narrow the problem down to shifing into reverse. So next time I'll just back into my garage so I only have to pull forward in the AM.
Same thing is happening to me. Gotta be a bug in the software.
Same here. Not always a quick reverse that causes it though. The last time the PIT warning came up it did it a few times too.
this is a bug that i saw in my '03. i have not seen it yet in the 05
It still happens in 05.. :roll:
i figured as much since the whole nav system and software is the same. i freaked out the first time i saw this, but once i figured out that it was easy to reset, i just turned the car off and back on when i was starting it up and it happened again.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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