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This is quick guide on what parts are needed if you're looking to upgrade your 2009-2017 FX or QX to a 2010-2017 Navigation System.

At Most, Four NAV Parts are Required for the Conversion:
(1) Touch Screen Display (2) Control Panel for Display (3) Faceplate / Climate Panel (4) NAV Unit / Radio Receiver

With the correct parts all you'd need is to either purchase a Harness Adapter Kit such as:
Or Get a Factory Harness From a NAV Vehicle, and then pin-out, cut, & splice the connectors to your existing harness, using the FSM wiring diagrams as a reference. In some cases, additional wiring (like for the microphone) would also need to be fabricated.

Everything can then be installed like it came from the factory.


(1) Touch Screen Display
From a 2010-17 FX35, FX37, FX50, QX70, M37, M56, QX56, QX60 or QX80 with Nav.
Part No: 28091-1JA0B, 28091-1JA0D, 28091-1JA0E, 28091-1JA3A, or 28091-1JA3C.

(2) Control Panel for Display (not needed for ‘09 NAV vehicles looking to upgrade)
From a 2009-17 FX35, FX37, FX50, or QX70 with Nav.
Part No: 28395-1CA2A, 28395-1CA2D, or 28395-1CA4D.

(3) Faceplate / Climate Panel (optional for ’09 NAV vehicles, the existing one can be reused)
From a 2010 -17 FX35, FX37, FX50, or QX70 with Nav.
Part No: 25391-1BU6A.
From a 2009 FX35 or FX50 with Nav. (These faceplates have a hard drive slot on them)
Part No: 5025391-1CA5A or 5025391-1CA5B

(4.a) NAV Unit / Radio Receiver: To convert 2009 - 2017 NON-Nav vehicles
From a 2010-15 G37, Q40, or Q60
Part No: 25915-1JA0B, 25915-1JA1E, 25915-1JA2B, 25915-3LZ1A, or 25915-3LZ1C (Note – these nav units don’t support RCA inputs; USB input only).
The nav units below can also be used, however they may require dealer reprogramming to activate the rear camera, since the 2009+ NAV vehicles have around-view monitoring.

(4.b) NAV Unit / Radio Receiver: To convert 2009 NAV vehicles
From a 2010 FX35, FX50, or EX35
Part No: 25915-ZX74A or 25915-JJ52C
(Note – these nav units support both RCA + USB inputs).
From a 2011 -17 FX35, FX37, FX50 or QX70
Part No: 25915-9GE1A, 25915-9GE1B, 25915-9GE1C, 25915-9GE1D, 25915-9GE2A, 259153WY0C, 25915-3WY0D, 259153WY0E, or 25915-3WY2B.
(Note – these nav units don’t typically support RCA inputs; USB input only).

And that's all there is to it. Find the parts you need, adapt the wiring and away you go!

Hope that helps.
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