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My FX / My way - at invoice...impossible?

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We're located in Lancaster Co., PA no NITI dealers within 50 mi. We want an FX35 AWD Liquid Copper w/ brick-black int. touring, tech., xm chrome & sport @ invoice. Invoice not so much the problem, it's the xm and chrome combo that is making it hard. Various dealers will do xm but not at inv. $345. or even msrp $400. most want $500. or so - can live with that. It's the chrome thats holding the deals up as these guys WON'T swap out chrome from another FX with tech. the chrome exchange most of them have don't chrome the center caps WITH the NITI logo like factory. If it's not fac. I at least want to look like fac. with chrome logos on my caps. we are ready to buy, ride and roll - help needed! Are we asking for too much for our $40+ grand wants?
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I got a full tank without asking for it. :)

Congrats on your new toy, Pin!

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