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Try this if you have any test panels..., or, try it on your fender-

Wash fender with your favorite car wash-

Wax fender with your favorite wax-

Spray fender with water to make sure you are getting beading and make note of the beads, how large or small, how tight the pattern, etc-

Wash with Autodry soap-

Look for beading, note again the size of the beads, patterns, etc-

Wash 4x with water Only, make note of the beading-

Now wash with your favorite car wash that does not make water bead-

Wash again with water only to remove any residue of the last car wash-

Make note of the beading-

Remember, you only washed with water, only one car wash was a mild wash to remove any residue that would either cause sheeting or beading...,

What are the results?
(I used Meguiars #26 for testing because of it's avaialbility and popularity, when finished, no wax was on the finish, no beading even after removing the "polymer soap"..., IMO, similar toan automatic dishwasher sheeting soap...)

P.S. For informational purposes only:)
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