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MP3 player - iPod alternative?

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looks kool i have a rio karma and it has almost twice the battery of the ipod and i love it. better sound quality by far too.
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Interesting set of specs... but this thing is huge for a music player... Interesting to see that the software source is available... Now that is really unique.

I bought an archos gmini400. Can play MP3, but also pictures and movies (MPEG4).

Quite nice product for similar price of the IPOD. I believe the user interface is not as good as IPOD, but more features
Sony PSP? Yes? No?
March 24th, I believe.
I'm really looking forward to the PSP, but it's no iPod, IMHO. For what it is, the iPod is fantastic - all that capacity, great interface, best software (iTunes), etc. Really hard to beat.

PSP looks to be the best portable game console period. That dual screen Nintendo DS just does nothing for me. And the fact that it also plays movies and music is icing on the cake.

But you'll get my iPod when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers. Hahahah. :)

I too, have Ipod. Love it as well. Plan on getting PSP also. But...I'm not a big fan of Itunes. Doesn't let you sync with more than one PC without having exact same files on both, otherwise you will lose/gain some. Too confusing. If you get Ipod, get Anapod Explorer. Much more better, allows drag and drop.

Sorry for digressing Shady. I have not heard of that mp3 player yet. I went ahead and found some reviews on it for you. Maybe it will help? ... 166/page/1 ... neuros.cfm

And of course, Amazon user reviews: ... 1?v=glance

Take care.
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Ack. Didn't realize thread was from the beginning of time. I just saw recent post in 02/05 and responded.


I have been working on my response for the past couple of months, editing and revising, and finally finished today. Trying to perfect it for you. Yeah, that's it.
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