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Loose steering

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I put new kyb struts and shocks on my 2010 . I also put 4 new continental tires on it. Since then the steering is really loose especially at hwy speeds and I have to constantly make steering corrections.
Also more noise going over bumps then before the new parts. Can any one help?
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how many miles on your fx? did you replace the strut mounts as well when u did the job?

when i overhauled my suspension, what firmed the steering up the most was replacing the sway bar bushings, which were shot at 90k miles, with polyurethane ones.

cost about 20-30 bucks and took 5 min per side to install.
It has 125000 miles on it and I was wondering about the bushings. Thanks for your help.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts