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Leather Disaster - Need advice

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Ok, I did something really moronic. I put the rear seats down, not realizing that there was a tissue box on the seat. Then I put heavy items in the back and left the seats down for four days. Now I've got the outline of the box deeply etched into the leather, both on the seat as well as the seat-back. It's a complete disaster. :( I've been rubbing leather conditioner into the seat for the last hour, and it got slightly better, but still looks absolutely terrible. Does anyone have any advice? What else could I do? Should I put lots of conditioner on it and let it "soak" for a while? Are there any other techniques I could try??? Please HELP!

Sigh... it's only 8 days old... I'm a wreck... :(
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don't worry... I did the same thing except I had thicker box...
after few weeks the mark is almost gone...
the worst case senario, you have to make it wrinke some how and if it does, then its covered by warranty ..... thats done by putting water and some pressure :D or basically sweating and seating on it for a long time!
Yes, give it some more time and it should improve.
heat from a blow dryer should soften it up enough to lose the lines.
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